Heat Guardian


Long range pet temperature monitor for cars and RVs

Heat Guardian

Safe Long Range Temperature Monitor


Keep your pet safe from overheating or freezing.

The Heat Guardian is a precision remote thermometer. Never worry again about the temperature in your RV or car. Each Guardian tests the air temperature every 30 seconds. The paired Guardian shows the temperature immediately so you can react if your RV loses power, your AC fails or you lose shade.


In this demonstration video, we walk 1/3 mile through the woods while keeping two units connected.

Works everywhere.

The Heat Guardian uses long range radio waves. It does not require the internet, Wi-Fi, or cell-phone service. Leave your car or RV in the parking area, walk to your nearby destination, check the signal, then relax, confident that your pet is safe. Heat Guardian is the most accurate, most reliable, and longest range temperature monitor available today.

Peace of mind

The Heat Guardian tells you immediately if there is a problem. Every few seconds a blinking lights shows connection status. There is an audible alarm for disconnects and remote temperature limits. The display blanks during errors. If something goes wrong you will know it.

The example on the left shows the Heat Guardian reacting to the remote unit being too hot.

Run for an entire weekend without charging.

The battery in the Heat Guardian can last 3 days (at 8 hours a day of use). Charge it at home then just use it all weekend. Feel safe and secure. The on-screen display shows local and remote battery life and signal strength. It uses a standard USB charger and charges in about two hours - ready for another weekend.

No extra fees

Once you buy the pair of Heat Guardian monitors there are no additional charges - ever. We provide any software updates for free for the life of the units and the long range radio has no expense.

Batteries and Heat

Never store batteries at below 0F or above 120F. Do not charge the monitor when it is above 120F.

What is a Safe Temperature?

Different dogs respond differently based on humidity as well as age, size and breed.

Check Your Dog

Taking a dog's temperature will quickly tell you if there is a serious problem.

Check the Laws

Laws on leaving your pet in a vehicle vary from state to state. Check your state's laws.

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Another 4/5 mile walk in the same area.