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Welcome to Snug.Dog

We're the Snug.Dog team. A small family business in the United States.

We're Mark and Kathy. We've created Snug.Dog to help you keep your pets safe and secure and snug.


In my early years I tried to understand what makes sea animals tick, working on the team that - to this day - monitors the killer whale population in the Northwest.

As a health professional for many years I've seen how pets enrich your life: friendship with no boundaries.


As a dog agility contestant I've trained long hours with my dogs and watched them mature and learn.


As a founder and employee of multiple successful startups I've seen how ideas, good execution, and slavish attention to customer needs produce successful companies.

My greatest passion is creating multidomain products that help people. It is so satisfying to take an exceedingly complex task and make it simple for the user and ultra-reliable. Welcome to Heat Guardian.

Our goal is to help you keep your pets safe.

There is nothing more nerve-wrenching than having to leave your pet in a vehicle when it's broiling hot or icy cold. No matter how long that interval, I worry about my pets. The Snug Dog Heat Guardian is carefully engineered to wash that worry away.

We care about your pets.

You aren't always near a WiFi router and sometimes you don't have cell service. Heat Guardian requires neither. You can't always provide power so we supply a large battery and  we worked extra hard to make it last extra long. Finally, we know you want that peace of mind so we added a display to the Guardian so you can just look at it to see immediate status.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We work for a living so we can't promise immediate answers. We can promise we will answer and we will answer as soon as possible.

Send me email directly at Mark@Snug.Dog 

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