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Heat Guardian Assistant

Android Phone Application

The Heat Guardian Assistant is an Android phone application that lets you monitor and control your Heat Guardians. The application is available from the Google Play Store and is free.

To get access to the Heat Guardian Assistant please contact us via email at Mark@Snug.Dog and we will add you to the access list.

Main capabilities include:

  • A display of both local and remote unit settings (signal, battery, and temperature).

  • Ability to see and set minimum and maximum temperatures. When the measured temperature falls outside the range the local unit will play an alert tune repeatedly to ensure you realize the temperature is too high (or too low).

  • Ability to update the internal software of each Heat Guardian unit. The update is done via Bluetooth (wireless). It requires no wires or other physical connection to the Heat Guardians.

  • Detailed information about each Heat Guardian, including hardware and software revisions, frequency channel, and other data.


The Android application uses Bluetooth, which is much shorter range than the Long Range radio used for communication with the remote. Expect a range of perhaps as little as 10 feet.

Click here for a video showing the Android Assistant updating the firmware.

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