Firmware Revision History

Version 2.00   June 18, 2020

This is a complete rewrite of the firmware in order to reduce power usage, enhance functionality, and support additional addon sensors for other applications. There are slight changes to some prompting, and the power up/down cycle. The Bluetooth support is totally redone but hopefully compatible.

This version also supports the new non-mirror Heat Guardian set with a base and mobile.

Version 1.56   Dec 3, 2019

Reduce power usage in power-off mode by a factor of 40

Version 1.55   Nov 19, 2019

Increase drive power 50% to green and red leds

Add power reduction during sleep cycle

Version 1.54   Nov 17, 2019

Upgrade to BuetoothLE 5.1 (Nordic Softdevice 7.0.1 and SDK 16.0)

Version 1.53   Nov 4, 2019

H6 Hardware: correctly use antenna switch for bluetooth radio

Add retries when checking temperature

Implement Bluetooth pairing/bonding correctly (or at least better)

Change out-of-range blink for orange-less

Improve the LoRa power setting

Add power supply reduction during sleep