Firmware Revision History

Version 1.54   Nov 17, 2019

Upgrade to BuetoothLE 5.1 (Nordic Softdevice 7.0.1 and SDK 16.0)

Version 1.53   Nov 4, 2019

H6 Hardware: correctly use antenna switch for bluetooth radio

Add retries when checking temperature

Implement Bluetooth pairing/bonding correctly (or at least better)

Change out-of-range blink for orange-less

Improve the LoRa power setting

Add power supply reduction during sleep

Increase drive power 50% to green and red leds

Add power reduction during sleep cycle

Version 1.55   Nov 19, 2019

Version 1.56   Dec 3, 2019

Reduce power usage in power-off mode by a factor of 40

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